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Ленты для сушки с иглой и спиральной сеткой из полиэстера Nomex

Предмет №: ET-P10
Polyester/nomex needle sprial mesh dryer belts, can be used for laminating and coated textile fabrics, decorative materials, leathe, coated fabric, packaging printing  paper, film industry, 
drying the conveyor belt used in the heating industry.
It belongs to our independent research and development, a series of unique high temperature resistant drying mesh belts.

Material:Polyester & nomex(aramid)
In the reinforced spiraled belt surface, there are nomex and polyester needled into the mesh belt by heavy equipment.

It is high heat-resistance, flat surface, big size stability.
The main parameters 
Needle Material: Nomex/Polyester/wool
Temperature: 160 c° - 260 c°
Thickness: 3mm-10mm
Size: width 800mm -3800mm
Length: 2.5M - 60m
Connection way : small spiral link, or seamlessendless
Special requirements can be customized
Main features:
Fibreglass with PTFE coatings belt can not overcome the difficulties, we independently developed fiber mesh belt can be a perfect solution,
 1,Surface fiber soft, smooth, breathable, play a protective product surface to avoid scratch, increase the  friction
 2, Thickness could reach 3mm to 10mm according to request, to increase the strength of the belt and the  effect of pressure
 3, Strong structure, protection belt with less than 2% elongation, shrinkage less than 1.5%
 4,Smooth operation, not deviation, not broken edge
 5, According to the request of different materials to reach the best cost-effective, 
   working temperature reach 160-260°c                
 6, Connection way: ring seamless, Concealed joint,hook connection to match  different usage.