Промышленный пояс и аксессуары

Пояс с тефлоновой сеткой и пояс из тефлоновой ткани (PTFE)

Предмет №: E-012
Teflon mesh belt and  Teflon cloth belt(PTFE)
Application: suitable for printing, the flat dryer of printing industry, and heat transfer conveyer belt.

1, Good steady size( coefficient of elongation less than 5/1000), high intensity and favorable  mechanical properties.
2, Resistance to bending fatigue that can be used in small wheel diameter.
3, gas permeability: conveyer belt’s air permeability, decreasing the consumption of the heat source to increase the drying efficiency.
4, It could be used in the temperature between -196°C to 300°C, which has the climate of tolerance and ageing resistance.
5, High resistance to chemical corrosion, strong acid and alkali.PTFE, PTFE and high temperature rubber belt’s specification and parameter:
Type Thickness Maximum width Adhesion strength(for steel) Tensile strength temperature resistance
F3008 0.08mm 1250mm 22N/100mm 900N/100mm -70-260℃
F3013 0.13mm 1250mm 28N/100mm 1700N/100mm -70-260℃
F3018 0.18mm 1250mm 48N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70-260℃
F3025 0.25mm 1250mm 62 N/100mm 3650N/100mm -70-260℃

 Mentioned: can produce as customer need of kevlar mesh cloth